A Wisp of Wisdom.

I closed my eyes as the Santorini sun softly kissed my skin. The ocean water swelled onto the rocky shore then gently clacked the volcanic pumice together as the waves receded. A light Mediterranean breeze kicked up wisps of my hair and I opened my eyes to a crystal-clear view of the white Cycladic cave homes perched neatly on the surrounding hills. I had dreamed of visiting Greece my entire life, and I was finally here.

It was at that moment, as my toes dipped in the chilly Aegean Sea, that I decided to become a travel blogger. I was hooked on the magic of Greece and I wanted to experience more of what this incredible world had to offer.

Upon my return home, I dove headfirst into the online travel industry. If I was going to make it as a travel blogger, I had a lot of research to do. My free time was immediately consumed by finding new travel blogs, following travel influencers on Instagram, and planning local trips to gain content for my blog. However, I quickly realized that my content was not measuring up to that which I obsessed over online. I didn’t have the flowy dresses and floppy hats that made the influencers’ photos so intriguing. My iPhone camera had nothing on the fancy DSLR lenses of the popular photographers. Most of all the places I visited just could not compete with the beautiful and exotic locations that the real travel bloggers posted about. My adventures weren’t good enough and I began to resent travel because of it.

One day I took a hike without my camera or the intention to create content. Afterall, I was only at a small lake in the non-touristy part of California. I sat down on the shore to dip my toes in the water. I closed my eyes and that’s when I felt it- a light breeze kick up a wisp of my hair. I wasn’t in the Mediterranean, but the sensation reminded me of that day back in Greece. My eyes were opened to what I had been missing out on this entire time. It wasn’t magic or the novelty of being abroad that made Greece so special. Rather, it was the simplicity of admiring God’s Creation.

For a long time I was swept up in comparison, jealousy, and idolizing the creation instead of the Creator. By leaving God out of the picture I was missing out on the best part of travel. The more beauty I find in this world, the more I get to know the loving God who designed it.

My squandered travels made me realize that the travel industry is desperately missing God. That’s why I resolved to keep God at the center of my adventures. Now, instead of focusing on consuming and copying, I am appreciating and worshipping God. Ever since this revelation, my travels have become more meaningful and a lot more joy filled. Best of all, I don’t have to wait for a dream vacation to marvel at God’s masterpiece. I see it wherever the breeze can blow. I see it every day.

Written by: Cassie Yoshikawa